Our Services

We are certified professional engineers experienced in industrial air systems. This allows us to meet your process and ventilation needs by offering products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We can serve as consultants to help you satisfy OSHA requirements and we also offer Fan, Dryer, and Building Ventilation assessment services.

The equipment manufacturers represented by Air Industries are well established and recognized as leaders in quality, engineered products. This, coupled with the experience and technical background of our sales engineers and designers provides you with a value-added service that has been the key to the company's many years of success.

Fan Systems Assessment

We are trained by the US Department of Energy to perform Fan Assessments to determine the system efficiencies and recommend process changes.

Dryer System Audit

The drying process can account for a major portion of a plants energy cost and will have a direct effect on the profitability of the process.

Building Ventilation Assessment

Building air system balance will have an effect on the health of the employees, and manufacturing output of a plant.

Have a question or need a custom quote?

We'd love to discuss your facility issues with you and often we can save our clients quite a bit of money by providing the best solution for their unique situation. Feel free to contact us at 603-487-1117 or call our Cell at 207-650-8807.