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High performance systems for your industrial needs.

Boss fire and explosion protection equipment is used across a wide array of industries, creating a safe work environment that protects your personnel, investments and your property.


Today’s NFPA regulatory guidelines governing Fire & Explosion Protection installations are more specific and well defined than ever before. Boss Products has developed and brought to market the EcoMAXX® and EcoMAXX®/VigilEX® family of SAFETY SMART solutions to work as individual components or as a seamless plantwide solution to meet this need.

Air Industries is proud to represent Boss Products as your single source supplier for all of your fire and explosion isolation, suppression, and diversion needs.

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Fire & Explosion MitigationProduct List

  • Model No. EM-NRV No Return Valve
  • Model NO. EM-FV Float Valve
  • Model No. EM-HSAG High Speed Abort Gate
  • Model No. EV-VDIV Explosion Diverter
  • Model No. Em-RVEX Certified Rotary Valve
  • Model No. EV-VL Flat Explosion Panel
  • Model No. EV-VD Domed Explosion Panel
  • Model No. EV-VQ Falemless Explosion Vents
  • Model No. EM-FBS FireBreak Shutter
  • Model No. EM-FCS Spark Detection
  • Model No. Em-FCS-SUP Fire Suppression
  • Model NO. Em-FCS-TP Thermal Probe
  • Model No. EM-EMS-DP Dust Probe


Modern manufacturing requires reliable and energy efficient automation solutions in order to be competitive in today’s global market. The EcoBOSS® line of control and automation solutions has been specifically designed and developed for industrial process ventilation systems to meet these critical demands. Basic to advanced control solutions provide systems automation and reduce energy consumption. Quality ancillary components can be integrated into the automation solution or be installed in standalone solutions.

Boss Products owns and operates an electrical control panel shop. They build panels for various OEMS, systems integrators and other specialty groups. Design, manufacturing, support and other services are available at competitive pricing.

Controls & Automation Products

  • EcoBOSS® Control Panels
  • Model No. EB-OEM OEM Control Panels
  • Model No. EB-ABG Automatic Blast Gate
  • Model NO. EB-BDHD Heavy Duty Barometric Damper
  • Model No. EB-ADV Automatic Diverter