Design 51 Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Widely recognized for design efficiency and integrity, Chicago's Design 51 airfoil wheel has ideal characteristics for variable air volume systems. The fan's deep spun inlet and hyperbolic wheel cone plus generous housing proportions provide a smooth stable air flow over the entire performance range. Precision balancing assures quieter vibration-free operation that adds to the overall reliability and performance of Chicago's Design 51 airfoil fans. The Design 51 single width is a rugged fan built to Chicago's industrial level of quality and long-term dependability. The double width configuration boasts an enviable reputation for fan performance and reliability in a multitude of HVAC applications plus many industrial supply or exhaust systems.

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The heart of Chicago's Design 51 centrifugal fan is the airfoil wheel, the most efficient type for clean air applications. This fan has an enviable reputation for performance and reliability in a multitude of applications, including industrial supply or exhaust systems.