Downflo™ Workstation Dust Collectors

Downflo® WorkStations (DWS) fit anywhere on the plant floor and apply NO restrictions to worker movements or visibility. The full line of WorkStations is designed specifically for those in-plant areas where dirty and/or noisy operations are out in the open—grinding, sanding, chipping, batch mixing or welding.

The Downflo WorkStation’s advantages are found in the collector’s exclusive design and proprietary components. Featuring a ledgeless design in combination with proprietary Ultra-Web® filter media and ExtraLife™ cleaning technology, the DWS delivers exceptional performance in metalworking, woodworking, and process applications where high filtration efficiency and ledgeless construction is often a requirement.

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  • Flexible, modular, self-contained workstations
  • Proprietary Ultra-Web cartridge filters provide cleaner air longer
  • Easy filter access requires no tools
  • No hoods or ductwork required
  • Energy savings – recirculate clean air and reduce the need for costly make-up air
  • Ledgeless construction minimizes dust build up inside the collector
  • Reversible louver inlets
  • 10-year warranty