Replacement Pleated Bag Filters

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Donaldson provides a variety of fabric bags, each bag consisting of the most carefully selected materials and manufactured to the highest tolerances. Hydroentangled polyester and Nomex media, ePTFE laminated fabrics are offered for long filter life. Effective dust control is guaranteed.

Pleated Bags

Proven and patented Ultra-Web® technology is now available for your baghouse collector. Combining the superior performance of Ultra-Web nanofibre technology with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate, replacement Ultra-Web SB pleated bags provide higher efficiency, longer filter life, and greater cost savings. Upgrade from fabric style filter bags or bags with ordinary spunbonded media to Ultra-Web SB pleated replacement bags. Ultra-Web SB is the only spunbond media that captures submicron particles and provides cleaner air.

Main features:

  • More uniform material with smaller pore size
  • Better surface loading of dust that prevents
  • Penetration deep into media
  • Improved pulse cleaning and lower pressure drops