Air Industries is proud to represent DRS Marlo

Since 1925, DRS Marlo has manufactured quality heat transfer, refrigeration, and air handling equipment for industrial, commercial, utility, and marine markets, including the US Navy. Their custom engineered heat transfer solutions are used in a variety of configurations to cool, heat, and dehumidify air stream for process and building comfort. Their industrial heat transfer products are manufactured in the USA from quality materials typically in heavier grades and thicknesses. This ensures dependable performance and years of service, even in the most demanding conditions.

Replacement Coils

Fluid Coils are available for chilled water, hot water, glycol and special fluid applications.

Distributing steam coils are available for low or high pressure steam applications and in several combinations of materials.

Direct expansion evaporator coils for use with most refrigerants.

Stratomizer® dampered face and bypass coil provides a reliable method of preheating and tempering fresh outside air.