XD Ducting

Nordfab Ducting has recently introduced XD Ducting™ — a modular system of 14 gauge and 12 gauge galvanized steel duct fittings for industrial dust and fume collection applications. The rugged XD Ducting system is designed for applications where material conveyed in the dust collection system is highly abrasive or applications where 14 gauge or 12 gauge ductwork has been specified.

Even for those applications where standard duty duct is acceptable for the majority of the ductwork, XD may be the best solution when replacing high wear components such as elbows. Users are specifying XD to replace individual duct components which previously they have had to replace more frequently than other ductwork due to function or location.

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Single Source for All the Duct

Many dust collection systems require ductwork components in various metal gauges, depending on placement in the system. With the addition of these heavier gauges to our product line, Nordfab Ducting can meet all your needs. Only one purchase order is required to obtain ducting for the entire dust collection system.

14 Gauge XD Ducting is Available with a QF End in Sizes Up to 24"

Ducting in 14 ga is available in sizes from 8" to 24" diameter with our popular Quick-Fit™ (QF) rolled ends for fast clamp-together installation. Nordfab’s clamp-together duct system cuts installation and related downtime by more than 45%. And no special crew is required— your own installation team will likely be able to install the ductwork.

Fast dismantling is also advantageous when conveying dusts that tend to clog the ducting system. Ductwork with QF ends can be quickly un-clamped and temporarily removed for locating and removing the clog (or replacing damaged ductwork), then re-clamped and re-installed.